How to get here

It is now easier to reach us from Jakarta or Bali or other Indonesisan islands.
Useful information below

First reach Kupang

Kupang airport is very easy to reach.
There are many flights every day from different airports.
Bali <–> Kupang
Jakarta <–> Kupang
Surabaya <–> Kupang
Beside is a map with the principal air routes.
We usually use the following websites to book our domestic tickets :

Loedi Bungalows Rote Island Kite Surf

Then Rote

By plane

There are 2 flights a day (Wings Air).

6:30 AM and 3:10 PM

The flight takes 20 minutes making this the quickest, most reliable route to Rote.

By fast ferry

If you prefer the sea, or are heavily loaded, you can use the ferry (twice a day).

You can take a taxi from the airport to the harbor (30 minutes to 1 hour).

The fast ferry takes 2 hours to reach Rote.

Loedi Bungalows Rote Island Kite Surf

And then ?

We can provide a driver who will pick you up either at the harbor or at the airport.

Both options are a 45 minute (up to 1 hour) drive.

The fee is not included.