What to do?

There are various activities to do here. We can help you to organize them.


There are various surf spots in Rote, like the famous T-Land, and many other.
The manager is a surfer, he will provide information but not on this website, we want to keep it secret as much as we can.



Our bungalows are in Pantai Loedi also known as “Kite Beach” so guests can do kitesurfing in front of the resort.
We also know other spots.

Kite surfing rote island
Kite surfing rote island

Snorkeling trips & Diving

We can organize snorkeling trips to the little islands close to our place, or in a hidden mangrove lake.
Have lunch at the beach called “The Pirates Bay” !
Snorkeling is also possible in front of our beach and it is very good during the rainy season.

There is also a Dive Center a very good dive sites including a manta rays cleaning station.

loedi bungalows rote

Sup Paddle

The resort is 10 minutes by motorbike to the transparent mangrove. A perfect place to swim, relax, or even do sup/paddle.

loedi bungalows rote
loedi bungalows rote

Island tours

Tours to seek empty beaches around Rote Island, view rice fields, see some inland stunning landscapes, and also boat trips inside the “Thousand islands” area.

island tours